Use SFP Stick with Frontier/Verizon/Ziply FiOS

Fri 31 December 2021

The experiment was made on a Lantiq FALC ON sfp stick, which shares the same design with Huawei MA5671A and Nokia G-010S-A. Current price is around $50 on Xianyu (闲鱼, Taobao's C2C version) sans shipping. The stick is quite hard to find in the US -- I had to import them from China.

I bought the stick from . You may also contact the seller at The seller is the OEM manufacturer, and can provide technical support (which is super important, unless you have access to Lantiq's NDA documentation).

WARNING: THIS IS UNSUPPORTED. Verizon/Frontier only allows their own equipment on their own network. They can ban you at any time.

Make sure you are using GPON OLT. If you are still using BPON, call your ISP right now to replace it with GPON.

Write down the S/N of the ISP's equipment. It should start with 4 characters such as ALCL. Change the SN of the stick to the ISP OLT's SN. Do not change anything else. LOID authentication is only used by Chinese ISPs, and PLOAM password is not used.

After that, your stick should go into O5 state in a few seconds. However, you definitely won't be able to DHCP until you set the correct VLAN. Depending on your area, you might need to change VLAN tagging configuration from within the SFP stick.

Here is how you find the VLAN ID:

ID:          41
no;out tpid;in tpid;vlan rule pointer;dscp pointer
0;0x8100;0x8100;    ;1
1;0x8100;0x8100;  AA;1

VLAN Rule AA is the rule to look at.

ID:          42
;;;enable;;;ethertype filter;;;;;outer;;;;;;;inner;;;;;;
no;end;def;two;one;zero;5;4;3;2;1;de enable;de filter;input tpid enable;vid enable;vid filter;priority enable;priority filter;de enable;de filter;input tpid enable;vid enable;vid filter;priority enable;priority filter
AA; ; ; ;1; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;1;1;  BB; ; ; ; ; ; ;    ; ;

BB is your VLAN ID (decimal, to be tagged on GEM port side). Payload should be tagged with dot1Q BB from the GEM port end. Create a sub interface on your router with VLAN BB and see if you can DHCP. If you can get an address, then great, that's all you need.

If that does not work, contact the seller. They can engage with tech support. The tech support is excellent, but again, for English only speakers, language might be a limiting factor.